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Quenna Belle Series Hijab Voal Print Scarves Rahina Indonea

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A struggle begins
when a woman stands alone.

Obstacles will be more visible,
it’s getting harder,
Makes all the members of the body think,
to try to get out of the comfort zone.

Power and Effort is done as hard as possible,
test the toughness of a great woman.
Women are led to use reason and intelligence
without any limit to face any obstacle,
obstacles, trials, tests,
where God Almighty tests a woman
in order to raise the standard of living in the future

Inspired by a tough woman
who always dared to challenge himself
in order to go further
climb to the highest peak to achieve his goals
and prove it to himself
So it was created


Toughness in Your Heart

Who will always accompany the hearts and minds of women
to be a tough woman for a better future as
Woman With No Boundaries

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    Weight330 g
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    BELLE Series

    Continue to be an inspiring woman who has a vision, and dares to face challenges and work hard. BELLE is a reflection of you
    “BELLE” toughness in your heart and mind
    Material : Voal Ultrafine Chevron
    Size : 115×115
    Price : IDR 299,000
    Available : 10 color
    with Exclusive Hardbox BELLE
    Marketplace Official Rahina Indonesia
    website :
    #rahinaindonesia #hijabvoalmotif #jilbabpolospremium #hijabpadang #hijabvoalpurwodadi #jilbabpolossegiempat

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    Quenna Belle Series Hijab Voal Print Scarves Rahina Indonea

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